Preiser Auto Ash Fusion Furnace System, 230/1/60Hz

Z90-8251-01Preiser Auto Ash Fusion Furnace System

This system provides the coal testing laboratory with a convenient and economical means of automatically determining the ash fusion temperatures of coal. The ash-fusion furnace is combined with a solid-state control system and allows up to 9 samples to be tested in one operation. A complete ash-fusion cycle to ASTM D1857 specifications can be run in as little as five hours.


  • Combines field replaceable, molybdenum-disilicide elements with low thermal inertia insulation for uniform heat-up and rapid cool-down
  • Mounted in a freestanding cabinet.
  • Fan-cooled for operator safety and comfort.
  • A rear atmosphere inlet tube for the customer-supplied reducing gas system.
  • A sliding quartz viewing window
  • A solid-state, current-proportioning, temperature controller with a continuous digital-read-out of the furnace temperature, reducing human error in the fusion temperature readout to a minimum.
  • A field adjustable, audio signal alerts the operator when the anticipated fusion temperature range is reached.
  • The program automatically heats or cools the furnace at preset rate.
  • Heating is at a uniform rate of 15‚ºF (8‚ºC) per minute; the average cooling rate is appreciably higher.
  • No adjustments of power are required during a cycle. Power is regulated by a solid-state silicon-controlled-rectifier module, with automatic current limiting.
  • The control system is calibrated at the factory and, normally, does not require adjustments in the field.
  • Preiser Scientific: Overall Size, 20W x 19D x 22H

Supplied with

  • An installed, Type S, control thermocouple.
  • A gas flow meter.
  • A six-foot power cord with a 230 volt, single phase, three-prong plug.
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