Gilson Model WV-1 Wet-Vac Wet Sieve Shaker, 115V/60Hz

91-9181-01Gilson Wet-Vac Wet Sieve Shaker for 12" Sieves, 34" x 26" x 64"H

     The Gilson Wet-Vac® is a completely self-contained particle-sizing system for predominately wet sieving applications. Innovative wet-sieving designs include spray-distribution, water recycling and vibration control system assures maximum particle separation efficiency. Wet-Vac® filtration allows complete recovery of fines, while still offering the flexibility of dry, wet, or dry-to-wet sequencing of test cycles.

     Wet sieving overcomes particle agglomeration, electrostatic attraction and other issues inhibiting separation of many fine materials, and offers an extension of normal sieving range into much finer sizes. Effective applications for this method include coal, mining/minerals, marine sediments, soils, pipeline slurries, and other non-soluble materials. Wet-Vac® tests closely simulate actual production conditions in wet-process industries. An initial period of dry screening to separate coarse particles before water is introduced can promote quicker saturation and more efficient screening of fines. Dry sieving using vibration only can also be performed.

     A rotating spray bar in the sieve cover gently saturates the material, promoting gravity flow of fines through the sieve stack. An upward spray from below allows for constant water flow. Water is recycled through a 7gal (26.5L) holding tank and pressure is adjustable up to approximately 35psi (2.4bar). Valves and fittings provided also permit direct connections to water tap and drain for once-through operation. A vacuum of around 2in 50.8mm) of mercury is applied throughout the test cycle to further assist passage of fines. Powerful electromagnetic vibration with amplitude control disperses material for increased sieving speed and accuracy. A hand spray nozzle and hose are provided for cleaning and flushing.

     WV-1 accepts 12in sieves and WV-2 uses 8in sieves. WV-3 includes cover assemblies and lifting rings to enable use of either 8in or 12in sieves. Half-Height sieve capacities for 12in models range up to eight and 8in models will take up to sixteen sieves. A clear acrylic cylinder is included and nests within the sieve stack to allow visual monitoring of water level and performance. Joints in the sieve stack assembly are sealed with O-Ring gaskets (purchased separately). Other contact parts are stainless steel. Filter paper is retained in a special holder and base that allows paper to be monitored and changed if necessary during a test cycle.

     Stainless steel sieves in sizes from No.16 (1.18mm) to No. 635 (20µm) are recommended for use with the Wet-Vac and are ordered separately. O-Ring gaskets and filter papers are also ordered separately. All models require at least four O-Ring gaskets. An additional Filter Holder and Filter Base are helpful for efficient change-out of filter paper during testing. Controls, Gauges and indicators for water, vibration, and vacuum are positioned for easy access on the control panel. The built-in timer tracks total “on” time even when interruptions are necessary. The stainless steel cabinet housing the water tank, vacuum pump, vibrating assembly and other valving and electrical components is mounted on locking casters for convenient positioning near water or drain sources. Electrical requirement is 20 amps at 115V/60Hz.

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91-9181-01Gilson Wet-Vac Wet Sieve Shaker for 12" Sieves, 34" x 26" x 64"H By Quote Only
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