Moisture Analyzer, 71 g x 0.0001 g (0.001/0.01/0.1% Moisture Content), 85 mm Pan

91-1732-09A&D Model MS-70, Moisture Balance, 85 mm Pan diameter

The MS-70 is our leading model for Moisture Analyzers because of its 0.0001g weighing resolution and 0.001% of moisture content measurement for very small moisture content applications, e.g. Plastic, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil, or any moisture analysis application.

A&D’s MS-70 moisture analyzer boasts a major advantage over other moisture analyzer devices, namely, the ability to conduct analysis of a sample containing very little moisture content. This is advantageous when measuring samples with low evaporation characteristics. Side-by-side comparisons with the Karl Fisher method reveal the MS-70 gives comparable results in much less time.  The analyzer utilizes software that takes the guesswork out of moisture testing.  A&D's exclusive algorithm allows sample types to be programmed and testing automatically stopped once a desired drying rate has been achieved.  Additionally the units will calculate the optimum sample weight necessary for the analysis.  A 400-watt halogen lamp is aided by a uniquely designed Secondary Radiation Assist (SRA) filter, and together they provide fast uniform heating.  This one of a kind drying system, combined with an advanced heat protection mechanism for the weigh cell, provides superior accuracy and repeatability. 

Four different operation modes give the units powerful flexibility: manual, standard, quick, and temperature step.  Five display modes: moisture content, solid content Atro moisture, Atro solid, and sample weight provide maximum versatility. 

The analyzers’ memory function allows users to program up to 100 different sample testing parameters including temperature, time, or % delta of moisture change.  These factors can be easily entered from the balance keypad or downloaded from a computer through the standard RS-232C interface.  WinCT® data collection software is included with the balance to allow easy uploading of results for documentation and further analysis. 
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91-1732-09A&D Model MS-70, Moisture Balance, 85 mm Pan diameter By Quote Only
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