Parr Model 1552EF Water Cooler, 230V/ 50-60Hz

90-4146-02Parr Model 1552EF Water Cooler

A separate water cooler must be used with the 1563A Water Handling System or 1564 Water Recirculating System to compensate for the heat introduced in each calorimetric test. The Parr 1552 Water Cooler is recommended for this purpose. The water cooler removes the heat produced in the combustion process from the system. The 1552 Water Cooler produces 6.5 gal/hr of cold water. The speed at which the calorimeter will recycle between tests is a function of the temperature of the incoming tap water. The performance will slow noticeably above 20 °C and will become sluggish above 25 °C. A 1552 Water Cooler can be installed on the inlet line to assure adequate cooling water and faster recycle times.


  • The 1552 Water Cooler produces 6.5 gal/hr of cold water between 5-10°C.
  • A single 1552 Water Cooler will supply up to 4ea. Model 6300 Calorimeters.
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