Parr 6750EA Proximate Interface

90-4080-03Parr 6750EA Proximate Interface

The 6750 Proximate Interface will act as a remote Air Dry Loss, Total Moisture Interface or Balance Interface, accepting data from a digital balance as generated; organizing and storing it in the correct order, under operator assigned sample IDs. Several selectable options are available to speed the data entry process by allowing the operator to enter consecutive tare and gross weights automatically with a minimum number of keystrokes. The 6750 will calculate the resulting proximate analysis for each sample on any of four reference bases:
As-Determined (AD)
As-Received (AR)
Dry (DRY) or
Dry, Ash-Free (DAF)

Btu and sulfur values may be converted and reported based on selected moisture references. The 6750 Proximate Interface supports data entry, storage and reporting for Free Swelling Index (FSI) and Ash Fusion along with the more traditional mass loss or calorimetric based measurements and will produce final or preliminary reports at any time for any sample ID.

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