Parr 1564EA Water Recirculation System, 115V/50-60HZ

90-4064-11Parr 1564EA Water Recirculation System

The Parr 1564EA Water Recirculating System is a closed loop Water Recirculating System that was designed for use on the Parr 6300 calorimeter. It consists of a 1.5 gallon reservoir to receive the overflow from the Parr 6300. It must be located below the Parr 6300 calorimeter because the calorimeter drains by gravity. A recirculation pump is used to pump the water back to the calorimeter. The 1564EA requires the use of a separate water cooler such as the Parr 1551 or 1552 to remove heat generated by the combustions in the bomb.


  • Convenient means to operate a Parr 6300 calorimeter when a constant supply of good quality tap water is not available.
  • Use of distilled or deionized water prevents build up of mineral deposits. Water must be below 85 ppm total hardness.
  • Less expensive because tap water is not being used.
  • Requires only 3 square feet of space.

Supplied with

  • A recirculation pump and a receiver into which the bucket water from the calorimeter drains.
  • ¼ inch tubing
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