Parr Model 6100EF Calorimeter w/1108P Bomb (Bomb not pictured) 230V/50/60Hz

90-4061-01Parr Model 6100EF Calorimeter w/1108P Bomb (Bomb not pictured) 230V/50/60Hz

The 6100 Calorimeter is intended for the user who wants a modern calorimeter with the convenient automatic features provided in the 6200 Calorimeter and whose precision requirements can be met with a static system without isoperibol control. Or, for users whose workload is small or intermittent, making it preferable to purchase a lower cost model. All steps in the test procedure are managed by a microprocessor control system programmed to operate the calorimeter in either the conventional equilibrium mode or in a faster dynamic mode. All data is handled automatically by a dedicated microcomputer


  • A built-in semi-automatic system for charging the bomb with oxygen.
  • A high precision electronic thermometer.
  • A bright, color, touch screen display for data entry and operation control.
  • Special communication ports for printer, computer and network (LAN) connections.
  • Removable compact flash memory card slot for simple program updates and test report archiving.
  • A moderately priced calorimeter for users who do not require the highest attainable precision.
  • A traditional design calorimeter with removable oxygen bomb and bucket.
  • A high speed calorimeter capable of performing up to 9 tests per hour when equipped with two bombs and buckets.
  • A modern intuitive graphical user interface for ease of operation and training.

Supplied with

  • Calorimeter module with built-in calorimeter controller.
  • 1108P High-Strength Oxygen Bomb for use up to 12000 calories/charge and oxygen charging pressures up to 45 atm.
  • Oval Bucket.
  • Accessories for installation.
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90-4061-01Parr Model 6100EF Calorimeter w/1108P Bomb (Bomb not pictured) 230V/50/60Hz By Quote Only
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