Beaker, Pyrex, Griffin, Low Form, Graduated, 250ml

90-2302-78Beakers, Pyrex, Griffin, Low Form, Graduated, 250ml, Corning 1000-250

Corning® PYREX® 250 mL Griffin Low Form Beaker, 1000-250

  • Pouring spout
  • Manufactured with uniform wall thickness that offers optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength
  • Double graduated metric scale to indicate approximate content
  • Extra large marking spot
  • Reference:  ASTM E-960


Capacity 250 mL
Beaker style Griffin
Graduation range 25-200 mL
Graduation interval 25 mL
Height 90 mm (approx)
Outside diameter 68 mm (approx)

Additional Sizes:

90-2302-28 10mL, no graduations
90-2302-39 20mL, 5mL graduation, from 5-15mL
90-2302-45 30mL, 10mL graduation, from 5-25mL
90-2302-53 50mL, 10mL graduation, from 10-40mL
90-2302-67 100mL, 10mL graduation, from 20-80mL
90-2302-74 150mL, 10mL graduation, from 20-140mL
90-2302-78 250mL, 25mL graduation, from 25-200mL
90-2302-80 400mL, 25mL graduation, from 25-325mL
90-2302-82 600mL, 50mL graduation, from 50-500mL
90-2302-85 800mL, 50mL graduation, from 50-750mL
90-2302-86 1000mL, 50mL graduation, from 50-1000mL
90-2302-88 2000mL, 100mL graduation, from 200-1800mL
90-2302-90 3000mL, 125mL graduation, from 250-2500mL
90-2302-91 4000mL, 250mL graduatiom, from 500-3500mL
90-2302-99 Pack of 1 each, 50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 600mL and 1000mL

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90-2302-78Beakers, Pyrex, Griffin, Low Form, Graduated, 250ml, Corning 1000-250 From $4.80 to $190.56
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