Scale, Model FG-60KAM, Weight Capacity 60Kg, with Column, Medium Pan

90-1766-38A&D Model FG-60KAM, Scale, 60 kg/150 lb., Pan size 11.8" x 15.0"

The FG-60KAM is a member of AND's FG-K Series Scales.  This series combines fast response time and rock-solid durability in an easy to use package to suit any weighing application.  Three user selectable display readings allows the user to choose the resolution needed for the job.  Additional weighing modes include parts counting and HI/OK/LOW comparator functions for checkweighing.  Weighs in lbs, kg, or oz.

  • Easy to operate and clean
  • One second response time
  • Three weighing resolutions−Normal (1/3000), *High (1/6000 for 30kg and 60kg weighing capacity), and *Higher Resolution (1/12000 for 60kg and 1/15000 for 30kg and 150kg weighing capacity)
  • AC or battery operation (4 C-dry cell batteries)
  • Stainless steel weighing pan
  • Full scale pushbutton tare
  • NTEP Approved using Normal resolution
  • Counting function with sample size of 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 pcs for unit weight registration
  • Comparator function− HI/OK/LO  comparator indication and optional relay output (FG-24) for checkweighing applications
  • Auto-power Off function automatically switches off when scale displays zero for approx. five minutes
  • Low power supply indicator−alerts user to check AC power supply "Lb1" or batteries "Lb0"
  • Filtering function−filtering levels of slow, normal, and fast selectable to suit environmental conditions
  • Leveling feet and bubble for easy adjustment of the scale level for accurate weighing
  • Optional RS-232C and Comparator Output−easily connect to peripherals such as printer, comparator light and computer
  • Column mounted display
  • 2 year warranty

*Non-NTEP settings


Weight capacity (kg) 60
Min. display (kg) 0.02**
Weight capacity (lb) 150
Min. display (lb) 0.05**
Weight capacity (oz) 2400
Min. display (oz) 1**
No. of samples 5 (can be changed to 10, 20, 50 or 100) pieces
Max. counts 96,000 pcs
Min. unit weight 0.625 g
Repeatability (Std. Deviation) 0.01 kg
Linearity error 0.02 kg
Sensitivity drift 20 ppm/°C (10 °C~30 °C / 50 °F~86 °F)
Display 7 segment LCD display (character height 26 mm)
Display update 10 times per second
Operating Temperature -10 °C~40 °C / 14 °F~104 °F, < 85% RH (no condensation)
Power Supply AC adapter or C size (R14P / LR14) x 4 batteries
Battery Operating Approximately 150 hours with alkaline dry cell battery
Weighing Pan size 300 x 380 mm / 11.8 x 15.0 inches
Dimensions 300 (W) x 624 (D) x 781 (H) mm
Weight (approximately) 11.2 kg
Calibration weight (Factory setting)  60 kg / 150 lb

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90-1766-38A&D Model FG-60KAM, Scale, 60 kg/150 lb., Pan size 11.8" x 15.0" By Quote Only
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