Model 950 Automatic Sulfur Analyzer, 220Vac/1PH/50-60Hz

Z92-1206-01Preiser Model 950 Automatic Sulfur Analyzer, 220Vac/1PH/50-60Hz

Automatic sulfur analysis with speed and accuracy. The Preiser Automatic Sulfur Analyzer uses oxidative combustion and a non-dispersive solid-state infrared detection system to analyze sulfur in coal, coke, other solids and heavy liquids.


  • Uses a micro-computer system, an external electronic balance, a high temperature furnace, and other microprocessor controlled systems to rapidly and accurately determine the sulfur content.
  • All analyzer operations are controlled by the operator through an interactive flat panel touch-screen display. This graphically based operator interface is designed to allow easy, straightforward operation of the analyzer with minimal operator training.
  • Sample size utilized is 0.350 grams for coals containing up to 4% sulfur. Coals having sulfur ranges of 0.1% to 99.99% can be analyzed.
  • Accuracy is within the limits of ASTM D4239-85.
  • Up to 20 samples can be weighed at one time and placed onto the carousel.
  • Using the front-panel touch screen display, sample information can be logged in.
  • Each crucible on the carousel rotates to the furnace entry position and an elevator then lifts it into the furnace where the sample is incinerated at 1,300 Celsius in an oxygen gas stream. Vertical Tube Furnace design greatly increases combustion tube longevity by minimizing thermal shock.
  • All sulfur is converted to SO2 and then measured by the solid-state I-R detection system. The analyzer then calculates and displays the percent sulfur by weight.
  • The result of the analysis is printed out on an external printer.
  • After sample weighing, analysis is automatic and 20 samples can be analyzed in 50 to 60 minutes.
  • Windows Based Operating System.
  • Capabilities of connecting to a LAN through the provided Ethernet port.
  • Harddrive for sample Information storage throughout the life of the unit.
  • 10 Calibration Libraries.
  • 10.4" color TFT touch-screen monitor.

Supplied with

  • External printer and balance
  • 4/pk Z880-101257 crucibles
  • 1 ea Z880-101242 glass wool
  • 10ea Z880-102018 Grade 6 Filters
  • 2ea Z880-102017 Grade 2 Filters
  • 1ea Z880-102015 Filter Holder
  • 1 ea Z880-101230 Bubble Tube
  • 2 ea Z880-102016 75 micron prefilter
  • 1 ea Z880-0001204 Mullite Tube
  • Misc. extra parts
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