Preiser Model 4000 Plastometer, 180,000 DDPM 240V/50-60Hz/20A

Z91-3900-01Preiser Model 4000 Gieseler Plastometer

The plastometer is used for the determination of plastic properties of coal by the Gieseler constant-torque method. It is designed to meet the ASTM Standard D-2639, providing critical data necessary for the thorough analyses of coking coals.


  • The low thermal inertia designed solder pot furnace enables rapid initial heat-up to 330ºC and quick cool-down from the maximum temperature, thus minimizing time wasted in temperature adjustments.
  • A regulated torque is supplied to the rabble arm stirrer through the use of electronically regulated speed and torque control systems.
  • Stirrer is embedded in the sample inside a three-piece crucible and is designed for ease of cleaning.
  • The head assembly is safely lowered into the solder pot furnace by way of a rack and pinion lowering mechanism that ensures safe sample placement for every test.
  • The microprocessor control unit automatically regulates the necessary power to the solder pot furnace by monitoring a type J (Iron-Constantan) thermocouple.
  • During the actual test the temperature of the furnace is increased at a uniform rate of 3ºC per minute over the operator-selected temperature range.

Supplied with

  • A specially designed solder pot furnace.
  • Microprocessor control system.
  • A sealed head assembly containing a stirring system and sample crucible.
  • Printer.
  • (2)ea. Barrels (Cat. No. Z211).
  • (2)ea. 3-piece Crucibles (Cat. No. Z212).
  • (2)ea. Chimneys (Cat. No. Z210).
  • (6)ea. Solder Bars (Cat. No. Z203).
  • (1)ea. Thermocouple (Cat. No. Z202).
  • (1)ea. Torque Test Assembly (Cat. No. Z706-1).
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